Clarity is our mission

This is a corporate webpage of Nareika Diplomatic OU (Estonia), a company organized around Aleksej Nareiko (Aliaksei Nareika) as a leading thinker. The company was established in 2007 and currently employs about 50 people.

Our services:
  • Management Consulting
Business Strategy; Planning; Futures and Foresight; Internationalization, International Trade and Investment
  • Communication
Communication Strategy; Planning; Argumentation; Implementation (texts, negotiations, management etc.)
Especially if you need to convince, argue for a point, reach consensus in the difficult negotiations.

  • Translation and other linguistic services
For the following languages: 
  • Most popular: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish
  • North European: Swedish, Finnish, Danish, Norwegian
  • Slavonic: Belarusan, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian
  • Baltic: Latvian, Lithuanian


Diplomatic Agent is a service mark of Aleksej Nareiko (Aliaksei Nareika).

A short autobiography:

   Ever since I was a teenager I have been fascinated by the way the truth about mankind's intentions and motivations can be determined by small signs and omens. I dreamed about being able to understand people deeply and immediately.

   I graduated from the Belarusan State University, Faculty of International Relations. The professors helped me to learn one thing: world is not a one-way street. Knowledge about countries, languages, and different ways of thinking opened my eyes. I aim to see doors instead of walls.

   I dedicated another decade of my life to the linguistic field: writing, translating, interpreting and science. I did some research in psychology, psycholinguistics, sociolinguistics, communication and related business problems.

   I worked with hundreds of audiences and customers – from one-man companies or people from the street to F500 companies, giant banks, governments and international organizations. This work was very inspirational, because you need to understand both the technical side of problems and the emotional tints in the people. On top of that, after you get the clue, you need to educate other people, often without letting them feel that you're doing it.

   Later on, I took Futures Studies Master's Program and International Business as a minor at the University of Turku (Finland). Future-oriented thinking helps me change myself and induce change in others. I like to help other people who move and grow all the time.

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Janka from the Great Kingdom (a fairy tale for adults)

Effective Communication (a brief handbook, in Belarusan only)